Autonomous teams, a result of continuous improvement in an open culture


The session will be an interactive session about discovering the road towards autonomous DevOps teams. It’s not just some technology a new way of working that makes you an Agile organization. An open mind belief and perseverance are crucial to go through a radical transformation. In this session you ‘ll learn how all layers in an organization have to change their way of working if you want to speed up your value creation. It’s not only choosing open frameworks, cloud and new technology that will speed up the organization. It’s the culture and way of working that has to be changed. Within ING we’re working on this for many years. Time after time we improve, and time after time we learn there is so much more to do. We’ll touch on many management instruments that are curcial for us to transform. Some of these are Obeya, Explorer Maps, Visual Feature Planning. During the session there is a possibility to have in-depth discussions.

Open future