Community driven transformation – innoveren doen we samen

Mission 2

“Change or Die” you may hear it everywhere. Transformations of IT-organizations is an actual topic. There are many reasons to transform the organization, for example: introducing out- or insourcing, Agile and/or DevOps or Open Source. If you only want to transform (without innovating), you ‘ll see: it’s not easy. The traditional top-down approach doesn’t work anymore. Transformations imposed from above, leads to rejection on the work floor. On the other side, employees do have several ideas about how to improve the organization. Jan brings these two movements together. From the Open Source world, we’ve learned that working with and in communities does work well. Based on this success, we have (as an Advanced Business Partner of Red Hat) developed together with Red Hat, the “Community Driven Transformation (CDT)”. CDT has a diversity of components of the Open Organization of Red Hat, supplemented with experiences from the Communities of Practice. Focus on creating the right setting and the balance search between “democracy” and “dictatorship” are just two examples to the key to succes.

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