Andreas Prins – ING [NL]

Andreas Prins – ING [NL]

DevOps manager - ING

Andreas is a coach, manager and facilitator form various DevOps teams within ING. With a constant focus on Continuous Improvement and the focus on autonomous teams Andreas want to improve the organization. With experience on the crossroad of business, IT and organizational transformation Andreas is able to connect all these topics and motivate the teams to deliver what is needed.
As coach he is experience in coaching the DevOps teams and the mangament teams. Scrum, continuous delivery, Obeya are valuable instruments to transform your organization.

Autonomous teams, a result of continuous improvement in an open culture


The session will be an interactive session about discovering the road towards autonomous DevOps teams. It’s not just some technology a new way of working that makes you an Agile organization. An open mind belief and perseverance are crucial to go through a radical transformation. In this session you ‘ll learn how all layers in […]

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