Jan Buurman – HCS Company [NL]

Jan Buurman – HCS Company [NL]

Managing consultant - HCS Company

Jan is an excellent speaker. His style is full of energie and enthusiasm. Jan is familiar with concepts like Agile management and DevOps for many years now. He inspires organizations to start work with these concepts and he helps them with the implemetations. Jan is working as a managing Consultant at HCS-Company.

Community driven transformation – innoveren doen we samen

Mission 2

“Change or Die” you may hear it everywhere. Transformations of IT-organizations is an actual topic. There are many reasons to transform the organization, for example: introducing out- or insourcing, Agile and/or DevOps or Open Source. If you only want to transform (without innovating), you ‘ll see: it’s not easy. The traditional top-down approach doesn’t work […]

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