Job van der Voort – GitLab [NL]

Job van der Voort – GitLab [NL]

VP of Product - GitLab

Coming from neuroscience, Job went head-first into tech by starting a start-up, later working on Dutch IT infrastructure and eventually joining GitLab. At GitLab he’s done everything from support, engineering to marketing, but ended up leading the direction of its products as VP of Product. In his free time, Job like to build small, useful apps and play (board) games.

Beyond Agile: conversational development

Mission 1

Modern developer tools are able to integrate the entire development flow, from idea (issue traking, chat) all the way to production and monitoring. This allows for a novel way of building software. Rather than traditional agile processes such as scrum that have significant overhead, developers and stakeholders can now collaborate at every step of development. […]

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