Maxim Burgerhout – Red Hat [NL]

Maxim Burgerhout – Red Hat [NL]

Open Source evangelist - Red Hat

Maxim Burgerhout is a firm believer in the concepts of open source and open society. He has worked in IT full-time for over a decade, but has been involved in open source for much longer. He installed his first copy of Red Hat Linux while working at Leiden University back in the 90s and has been submitting patches since 2003. Maxim works for Red Hat in the Cloud Solution.

Open source as the primary innovation engine


In your move to the cloud, you’ll take open source with you. It’s the natural thing to do: your datacenter already largely runs on open source, and we all know open source is the principal innovator these days. During my keynote, I’ll make a case for running cloud workloads on (and with) open source software. […]

Open future