Mete Atamel – Google [UK]

Mete Atamel – Google [UK]

Developer Advocate - Google

Mete Atamel is Developer Advocate at Google, currently focused on helping developers with Google Cloud Platform. As a long-time Java and recent C# developer, I like to compare the two ecosystems. Prior to Google, I worked at Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, EMC and Nokia building apps and services on various web, mobile and cloud platforms. Originally from Cyprus, I currently live in Greenwich, not too far away from the prime meridian.

Resilient microservices with Kubernetes


Creating a single microservice is a well understood problem. Creating a cluster of load-balanced microservices that are resilient and self-healing is not so easy. Managing that cluster with rollouts and rollbacks, scaling individual services on demand, securely sharing secrets and configuration among services is even harder. Kubernetes, an open-source container management system, can help with […]

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