Tamas Erkelens – City of Amsterdam [NL]

Tamas Erkelens – City of Amsterdam [NL]

Program Manager Data Innovation - City of Amsterdam

Previously, Tamas – graduated with honors as Research Master of Quantitative Social Sciences – has worked for ING building bridges between business and ICT. With a background in academia and the private sector, he aims to open Amsterdam to partners solving urban challenges. Tamas Erkelens is in his spare time a co-founder of Data Mission, a foundation connecting big data analysts to Mission driven organizations.

Managing crowdedness in the city of Amsterdam


The city of Amsterdam, named as Capital of Innovation in 2016 by the European Commission is opening its data and platform to the companies and citizens. One of the priorities is managing the crowdedness of the city. We are asking the participants of open tech day to help us predicting the number of people and […]

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